This is Jean Kelford and Chris Beech writing to try and bring everyone hope and love for the future. Here we are, starting the new year and once again in lockdown. Chris, myself, the president, committee, healers, teachers and church helpers at Sutton Coldfield Spiritualist Church want to wish all church members and all people around the world, Spiritualists or not, a happy, healthy, progressive new year. Where at some point in the near future we will all be able to resume our lives as we have always known them.
A life where hugs are a positive, healthy, loving gesture to a fellow human being. A life where our churches are once again open to the public, where members and non members alike can be assured of a smiling face and/or a friendly hug. A place where we can feel close and connected to our loved ones who have passed on from this life as we know it, to enable them to reside on the Spirit side of life. This will enable them not only to meet up with beloved relatives and friends in the Spirit World, but will also let them visit and be close to those they love here on the earth who are left behind, until one day we meet again when it is our turn to return to the Spirit World.
Our good wishes spread out to the SNU and the Spiritualist movement as a whole, especially the churches and mediums who give their time to try and join our two worlds together, allowing hope, understanding and of course love, which is our connection to the Spirit World and allows the Spirit World’s connection to us to take place.
Spirit have indicated to Chris and I, that it will not be too long now until our churches will be allowed to open once again. We are also told that April will be a significant time. So please keep helping whoever you can in whatever way you can until that time comes.
Help should not only be measured in quantity of help for others but also in the desire to help others. So no matter how big or small you think your help has been, be proud of yourself because we should all help our world to keep safe in whatever way you can.
Remember, our president, administrators, committees, helpers and healers have been working hard behind the scenes to keep our churches clean, safe and in good repair. This does include church secretaries, who are doing their bit and also keeping us informed. Healers giving and sending healing where needed and mediums and teachers talking to people who are in need, these are all still taking place.
Until we can all meet again, take care of yourself and others and keep safe.
God bless you all.
Jean Kelford and Chris Beech xx